Use Case 1

NEMECYS Use Case 1

This case study is built around MODE’s bioimpedance measurement patch. Patients with End
Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) have little or no kidney function left, and thus fluid and waste
accumulate in the body. The patient will gradually depend on removal of waste products and extra
fluid during dialysis. This is best for the body if performed frequently.
For practical and logistic reasons, this is difficult to achieve in a hospital. Home dialysis can offer
better flexibility, as it can adapt to times when it is more convenient for the patient, and also reaps
other benefits of being at home and not in hospital, such as elimination of travel time.
The challenges are: secure wireless transfer of data from the bio-impedance patch to the gateway,
and secure transfer of data from the gateway to the health care system for further analysis.
We need a secure conduit for updating the software and a secure way to do post-market
surveillance to verify usage according to intended purpose as well as providing an option for user
feedback without compromising patient confidentiality and data security